Devil May Cry Preview

Episode 1 Scenes:

Just like the game, Dante is a bad ass in the anime as well. However, the bad ass seems to have a job that doesn’t seem to be in his field of work. He is stuck baby sitting a little lady named Patty Royale. Dante has to escort her to this mansion before 6:00 pm. Of course, this job wasn’t as easy as he thought it might be. Demons are after her because of her inheritance if she arrives at the mansion in time. Dante carries a guitar case around with him in the start, I thought it was an actual guitar but in the end it actually was his sword.

Almost every action that was in the game was in this episode. Dante slashes the demon upwards and start shooting from beneath him like crazy. I thought that was really cool and I’m glad they stick with some of the game elements and put it in the anime. The anime isn’t based anything on the game it seems maybe later on some parts of the game will be put into the anime but so far in episode one nothing is related. This series seems enjoyable, a lot of the pictures are dark and gritty which is pretty cool and fits with this anime so they did a good job of making it.

Plot Summary: Devil May Cry follows the adventures of the demon hunter Dante who himself is half demon and half human. Dante is hired through his own business named “Devil May Cry”. The characters are based off of the popular capcom playstation 2 games.

There is no OP sequence or song for episode 1 so I can’t really say anything about that but the ED is a ballad it seems. The singer is Japanese but her English is incredibly fluent. It sounds really nice and I hope a single for it comes out soon. I’ll probably have to write another post just for the OP for Devil May Cry but the ED is available here in this post so enjoy the sample and the sequence images.

ED Sequence:

ED: 「I’ll be your home」 by 及川りん (Oikawa Rin)