Code Geass 24&25 Review

Episode 24 & 25 OP Sequence:

OP: 「瞳ノ翼」 by access

Episode 24 & 25 Scenes:

Code Geass’ long awaited last episodes finally arrives on July 28. I was happy these last to episode finally got released since I’ve been wanting to finish this series for a while but they had to delay it. So continuing from episode 23, Suzaku talks to another witch like C.C. called V.V. He tells Suzaku why Euphemia turned all of a sudden or why he was doing on that island. Suzaku in a rage because of Euphie’s death, goes on a rampage to find Zero. Zero orders the Black Knights to take over the school to be a command center. After a lot of fighting, Lelouch and C.C. flies to the empire and engages Cornelia, of course she loses and Nina… Oh Nina, she comes up from underground from the school and threaten to detonate the Ganymade which is filled with Sakuradite if she doesn’t find out where Zero is.

After the fight with Cornelia, C.C. told Lelouch that Nunnally has been kidnapped by none other than V.V. Lelouch thought C.C. was joking but after that they tried to rush to her and safe her. In episode 24 and 25 you see Orange in this big weird looking knightmare and gives Lelouch some troubles. Lelouch gives command to one of his Black Knights and thats when everything is falling apart. Everyone starts to panic and wondering where Zero is when they needed him most. When they reached the cavern where Lelouch and C.C. got their awesome Knightmare this weird mist came out and made them go into that mind trip and start seeing some of C.C.’s past. She was first shot to death in World War 2. She was then burned on a stake and some other stuff that doesn’t really matter. C.C. told Lelouch to let her handle Orange by herself and go save Nunnally. She then give Lelouch a kiss and they split up.

Lelouch goes into the cavern and about to open the door, Suzaku stops him and tells him to turn around slowly. Kallen came and joined the party as well and Suzaku asked if Kallen wanted to know who really is Zero. Suzaku shoots Zero’s helmet and it cracked in half. Suzaku and Kallen were both shocked that Lelouch was Zero. Not so much Suzaku as Kallen, Kallen started to cry and asked why did he use Japan like that. Lelouch gives a witty response “Japan will soon be liberated you won’t have anything to complain anymore.” Lelouch asked Suzaku for help to save Nunnally but it seems Suzaku doesn’t give a crap since Lelouch did kill Euphie even though he didn’t want to. Lelouch sticks a sakuradite on his chest and says once his heart stops it will explode and they will all be goners. Then they both screamed each other’s name pointing a pistol at each other and you see Nunnally for the great finale.

These last two episodes were awesome. Sadly the series only lasted 25 episodes. If Sunrise did 50 episodes like they usually do they would definitely be able to finish this series with just one season. If they did that though, you wouldn’t get the cliffhanger at the end of episode 25. At first there was at least 8 minutes left for the episode and I thought they would of saved Nunnally but Suzaku was being a jerk and doesn’t want to save the cute, and beautiful Nunnally? Then it ended in a great and dreading cliffhanger. I wonder what happened to Cornelia or that Britannian woman who lost her memory who suddenly got it back and escaped. Too many unsolved stuff Sunrise! But they did good making this series and I’m glad I stuck around and watched it until the end. Season 2 is definitely going to be in production but just don’t know when it will be out. Bandai Entertainment has just recently licensed this anime so now people who aren’t into fansubs get to enjoy this.

ED Sequence:


Graphics: It looks spectacular. Probably not Haruhi Suzumiya great but the character designs were wonderful. CLAMP’s disproportion bodies is really wonderful. The long legs and arms is what I like about CLAMP’s character designs, makes it unique.

Story: A boy who is a Britannian wants to destroy Britannia who doesn’t love that? Although in 25 episodes it doesn’t really do much to the story, it only seems it just scratched the surface and not even to the cream filling yet. However, the cliffhanger tells us that a season 2 will be in production.

Music: Some of the BGM used in this anime was wonderful it fit really well especially some of the weird hymn ones. OP and ED could use some better music but the second and third OP was by far my favorite.

Result: 5/5 for its awesome looking characters and wonderful story I enjoyed this series very much and can’t wait for season 2. Music could still use some work but I’m not going to knock off a point for crappy OP and ED.