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CLANNAD has been one of Key’s most popular titles in the visual novel genre. I have not seen any CLANNAD CG sets so I’m not sure if there is any sexual content in it but supposedly it has a really good story.

For those who are interested in visual novels such as CLANNAD but sadly can’t read Japanese or your computer isn’t Japanese and the kanji doesn’t show when playing, don’t worry. Baka-Tsuki which is a translation team has put CLANNAD visual novel has one of their active projects since January 22, 2007. The latest announcement was on May 17 which says Tomoyo’s route is 53% complete.

If you want to help with the translation project visit their wiki site which is Clannad – Baka-Tsuki. I don’t see why translation companies only do eroges and not visual novels. I think visual novels will sell quite well here in North America since there are quite a few people I know that really wanna play CLANNAD or other ones like Little Busters!

Lets wish Baka-Tsuki luck on translating this and hope they don’t give up and finish soon. There is no estimated date of when it should be complete but my estimate date should be Spring/Summer 2008.

6 thoughts on “CLANNAD English Translations

  1. From what I understand, CLANNAD has always been completely clean from the start, with no sexual content. That’s why many fans get indignate when others call it an “eroge” or “h-game”.

  2. I’ll back up CLANNAD being all-ages always.


    I don’t see why translation companies only do eroges and not visual novels.

    I’m sure Hirameki would like you to try out their stuff, all of which are clean. (Ever17 is gooooood.)

  3. Clannad isn’t ero, though it’s sequal is (source wikipedia). As for the comment about translation companies not picking up non eroges, I was randomly betowed with the American copy of “Tea Society of a Witch”. The game was orginally ero, but cleanned for U.S. audiences. Don’t want to go into a tangent so I’ll just say good art, story was cool, a little funny, but the censoring, well they cut out 2 paths because one ended in one character attempting suicide and the other was loli. It also seems like some images were just blacked out.

  4. Air Tv, Kanon 2006, Lttile busters and planatarium are with sexual contents but Clannad the game is without sexual contents but the stories of all the girls are really deep and sad I lovvvee clannad ^^,,!

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