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Version 5.0.1 Released!

The changes and fixes can been viewed in the changelog page of this site.  If you notice any other problems with this theme, please notify me my posting a comment on this post.  If it’s regarding not supporting IE or theme being too big.  I’m sorry, we will not do anything about those problems.  Especially not being supported by IE.  If our site is too big to view on your monitor, I suggest getting a bigger monitor, and changing your resolution to at least 1280×960.

Version 5.0 Released!

Version 5.0 has been released today, and is looking very nice. This theme was completely modified by Aria (Me). Although I had no idea what each code did, it did not stop me. I test out what each code does and change then just keep fooling around with every bit of code and managed to get things right.

This time however, very minor modification were made. To keep the look we originally had similar to Water 1.1, I had to open up the codes from Water 1.1 and just copied it directly to this theme and it looks just about right. We have some minor modification that still need to be done but those feature will be available in later updates to this theme.

Hardest part to modify on this theme was the sidebar. Since the title for each sidebar is a .gif or .jpeg or .png or whatever, there is was no way of me just making the sidebar titles looking like that using widgets. Luckily I found the font that the creator used and just created my own title images (Navigation, Subscribe, Author’s Journal, etc.) This makes it look consistent and nice without having half looking Arial text and the rest looking like the theme font.

Finally, the sizes of the blog has been changed from 1015px to 1013px to make the whole page and the banner be even. The text “article” however is now pushed to the very edge and can be very hard to read a bit. We will work on that and hopefully fix it in the upcoming update.

If you wish to read what has been changed just Continue reading Version 5.0 Released!

Reviews Delay

Sorry for the delay of reviews for episodes from Hanyouslayer, FCJC and myself. We are still in high school, well me and Hanyouslayer are, not sure about FCJC but semester one is about to come to an end which means finals, exams, whatever you wanna call it.

This of course means, study, study, study!!! I don’t study so I’m just gonna wing it and hopefully I pass my Math final and English final. That being said, I still have some missing assignments I need to complete thats why my reviews are delayed.

Once finals are over, I’m pretty sure we will be back on track with the reviews. So expect us pumping those reviews out someday whenever the finals are over.

Submit Button Issue Fixed

Sorry for people who may have tried to comment but get redirected to another page when pressing the submit button. We have fixed that by removing the old Episode Summaries drop down menu and changed it with a new one.

Everything should be working properly from now on. So sorry for people who have tried to comment but couldn’t. That is probably why we weren’t getting any comments for the past few days.

New Blog E-mail Address

We actually have a new blog email address now. Instead of me only getting applications and questions from you readers. Now our admins can all read it. Only our admins have access to this email address so you don’t have to worry about junior writers answering your questions or them accepting your application.

When this site was created our host asked me if I want a blog email address and I declined and I now regret it, oh well. Our blog email address is still gmail since it has 6.2GB of space. All of the pages that has links to our email or mention of which email address to email to has been updated to the new one.

Our new blog email address is: harukabanchou at gmailDOTcom. If you have any questions for our admins please email to that address from now on. Any questions emailed to my personal one from now on will be ignored.

On a side note, applications will not be taken until Spring 2008. Hanyouslayer has agreed to take screenshots for other writers to share load so it will be easier for us to pump out those reviews.

Our contact form is currently broken right now, we are trying to fix it as we speak so bear with us. So if you have any questions do not use the contact form, just email directly to our new blog email address. If you are wondering why its broken visit the contact us page. Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.

18th Birthday!

  Alas, I am no longer a minor! I am going to buy a good doujin and some cigarettes, and toss out the cigarettes. I get to laugh at all my friends who are minors, so ha! Well, I don’t even feel any different, or do I? But nah, I don’t. Anywho, just wanted to get that off my chest; going to enjoy this day, relish in the vast glory of pure-unadulterated adultness. Now let’s set the mark for 21! Now that I am 18, my parents will finally let me get my M Class license! A long journey begins with the first step, I suppose. I doubt that you really care about me, so in the meantime watch out for Ookami to Koushinryou, Shigofumi, and ARIA The ORIGINATION; which I will be reviewing as soon as they air! Ookami to Koushinryou is set to air on January 9th, Shigofumi is set at January 5th, and ARIA is set to air on January 7th.


  Wooo! This was a kick ass year, and it went by crazy fast! I hope that next year is better though,
and that you keep coming back to Kisaragi’s Anime Blog for updates and whatnot. Thanks for coming to Kisaragi’s Anime Blog, and I am looking forward to seeing you here again ^^. So Happy New Year, and I am sorry that I have fallen behind on my reviews, I have quite a few done, just need to add some screens and you will have the recent reviews. Alas, I must make my reviews wait till this morning due to technical difficulties, but relax, for I will definitely, for sure, get them done!

No IE Support!

You may have noticed that when you try to view our site with IE7 it looks a bit messed up. You may also have noticed this message that pops up and being displayed above the header:

“Warning! IE detected. Please switch to Mozilla Firefox to continue viewing this page. Thank you!”

Sad to say, the message does not lie. This site does NOT support IE whatsoever. Will we change it so it can be viewed on IE as well? Probably not. If you wish to continue viewing this site at its prettiest form possible unlike how IE make it all grotesque, then switch to Mozilla Firefox. Just look at the picture on the left, how can you say no to that?

Thank you, have a nice day and Merry Christmas.

Say Hello To 4.0

Although not much drastic changes has been made, but I still am calling it 4.0.  Even though it’s more like a 3.2.  Now the best thing and the most noticeable thing about 4.0 (3.2) is the sidebar look.  I’ve also shifted the sidebar to the left, originally its on the right.  Well thats it for the update, you can check whats changed in the changelog.

Blog Update

Sorry for the late posts and such for Shugo Chara! but I’m not exactly going to be writing each episodes anymore so episode 4 will not be completed.  I don’t have much anime to write about even though I’m watching like five different ones.  So basically, BAMBOO BLADE, Shugo Chara!, and CLANNAD will just get a review once they are finished airing.

Once Winter comes and the new anime list arrives I’ll try to find some anime that I will keep writing about episodically.  For now, I won’t really be writing much so wait until Winter 2007/2008 comes for more anime posts.