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It’s A Trap!

I came across this while I was shopping for figures at Kidnemo…

Is it really a trap?  Or did they actually change Jun to a female for this pillow case?  Or maybe, its towards the female fans?  We’ll never know, but hell, Jun makes one hot girl.  If you’re interested in this pillow cover, you can find it at Kidnemo for $134.99.

5.2 – Simple And Clean


I know we just got to 5.1 but due to some reason, I got fed up with the Roundabout theme.  I guess I just don’t like the look that much.  I do like the Water 1.1 which we have been with ever since this blog has started and gone through heavy modifications by me.  Plus I really like what I can do in this theme more than Roundabout.  Roundabout had some cool stuff here and there but it was kind of hard to read I find.  Therefore, we have reverted back to Water 1.1 modded by Aria.


As you have noticed our header has been changed for this update.   I used Wagaya Oinari-sama’s Kuu Tenko who is a fox spectre in the anime but can take up human form.  The grey really goes with the white background so my font color was chosen to be grey.  After I typed it out I found out that it was really blank, then it hit me that I have some vector brushes.  I was never good at vector brushes like most people so this was my first attempt.  I think it turned out rather nice.

Drop Down Menu

Ever since we have been on Roundabout we didn’t have the ability to use the drop down menu.  Everything was on the sidebar and eventually stretched the site so much that it was a pain.  That’s why I personally like this theme better.  We updated every page, created new pages and etc.  We also created a new drop down menu to replace the Dropped Series menu.  If you still can’t spot out what it got replaced by I’ll tell you.  It has been replaced by the drop down menu “Figures“.  In the past I have attempted to do something with figures but didn’t really have the camera and figures for it.  Now that I work and have the money to purchase new figures, I can finally keep up and show you guys the newest ones.

Please tell me what you think about the new figure drop down menu and it’s pages.  Check Changelog to see what has been added/updated/removed from this update.  Enjoy your stay.

5.1 with cleaner pages!

5.1 has been released.  It should of just been a minor update but whatever.  Sidebar changes are as follows, dropped series section has been completely removed.  We have moved the series that was in that section into our new page “Dropped Series” it looks exactly like Anime List page however, it contains only the series that have been dropped.  For completed series…  Well we don’t really have a lot of those so no plans have been made for that yet.  Our newest writer, xoKaileenxo wasn’t very active and have not posted anything or written anything for us since she has joined so we have moved her as a subscriber and all her pages have been removed, which is just her journal.

Next page we have removed is the writers page.  That page wasn’t very useful in any way, I suppose what we wanted to do with that page is to let readers know how many writers we have and what they are writing but since no one is writing right now we don’t really need that page.  Music Box page has also been removed.  I enjoy music as much as the next person does but hell, uploading all those music and changing the title takes a while and the program we used sucked!

Finally, with 5.1 we have wiped the Anime List page clean, and I mean squeeky shiny clean.  It won’t be a clusterfuck anymore which is good.  Before we had about 8 series sitting in there and we weren’t doing anything.  So from now, 1-2 series per person so we can actually write them properly and whatnot.

For those who actually listen and liked our podcast, we do plan on doing more but just need to find the time.  Also if we do plan on getting more podcast out, we will probably revamp it, such as no more music being played during the break.  Apparently a few people doesn’t like the music put in and stops listening to the podcast once it hits that mark.  We’ll think about what we’re gonna do and hopefully can get those podcasts out.

Until then, be sure to check the Zero no Tsukiama ~Princess no Rondo~ episode summaries I will be writing once the series is airing and subbed.

Games Day (Maybe?)

Slayer and I may hold a games day, which means you get to play with us at Call of Duty 4 (PC).  We would definitely love for this to happen but I think Slayer will only let this happen is if we get enough people to come aboard.  If you wish to talk to either of us, we have Skype so feel free to add us on Skype.  Our Skype info are:

  • Aria – aria28
  • Hanyouslayer -  hanyouslayer

If this Games Day do happen, we may have prizes in the future.  It won’t be something very expensive or very cheap.  Maybe a free copy of an anime DVD or a copy of a game.  Possible example for a game might be Final Fantasy XIII and for anime DVD whatever is newest and has a special edition I suppose.  Of course none of this is very well thought out like, how will prizes be won and such.  Plus the chance of these Games Day happening is very low due to the fact barely anyone reads this site.  Maybe a few glances but no regulars.

Well, we will see how this goes and if we can get some Games Day to happen and possibly more games than just Call of Duty 4 because I think that’s the only game slayer and I have.  If we do get this to become a monthly thing possibly weekly, and have some regulars coming to join us, we will definitely have prizes.  Before we set any dates and what server we will be playing on, we need to be certain that people will actually come join us.  So just leave us a comment or talk to me and slayer on Skype.  I’ll be leaving my Skype on from now on.  Slayer doesn’t use skype regularly so contacting him will be harder than contacting me.

This concludes our Games Day post and hopefully this will happen and getting you guys some prizes.


The PV for Muramasa☆ 「SWINGING」, OP for Tower of Druaga. I love it, I cannot wait for the single. The single releases on May 28th along with the ED single to Tower of Druaga. The OP/ED may be on the same CD similar to what CLANNAD did with theirs. If that’s the case, there is a low chance of it having a c/w. I know CLANNAD did have a c/w with theirs, it was called 「少女の幻想 ZTS Remix」.

Aria’s Review Delays

Yeah we haven’t been doing anything on this site, we know, I don’t know what Slayer is doing but I’m pretty sure he’s busy with his new Facebook account!  We both have facebook accounts because we are that cool lol.  So I’m going to be building a new computer soon and I will have to reinstall a bunch of programs, especially our blogging programs like our FTP program and our podcast program.  They will probably take a few minutes to download and install but setting them up takes some time and I have to find out the account name and password for the FTP for our site.

New computer = no blog programs on computer = no reviews, no podcasts, no music to upload = Sad face!

If I get all the parts for the computer, I will try to build it as soon as possible and start setting up programs and whatnot for it so I can start blogging again, even though we haven’t done anything for weeks.

MGO Beta Key Winner

Congratulations to Matt Beacham.  Since he was the only who signed up for the beta key giveaway, he won lol.  I’m surprised no one bothered signing up.  Probably because this site is still a bit under the radar.

Congratulations again to Matt Beacham.  Have a blast on MGO on Tuesday since the beta just got delayed for a day.  Stupid Konami.

Metal Gear Online Beta Key Giveaway!

We are giving away a Metal Gear Online beta key. Just email us and we will pick at random. Just email to our blog address, which is: [email protected]. Be sure to put the subject to “MGO Beta Key“. The body of the email can be left blank unless you wish to say something.  The giveaway will go from April 18th to April 21st.  Only 1(one) key is available to giveaway so hurry up and email us.


  • Must have a PS3
  • Must have broadband connection
  • Must have a PSN account

Good luck, and see you on the battlefield, as I will be playing too. My PSN display name is Aria28 if you wish to add me, if it asks for email to add then its [email protected].

Version 5.0.1 Released!

The changes and fixes can been viewed in the changelog page of this site.  If you notice any other problems with this theme, please notify me my posting a comment on this post.  If it’s regarding not supporting IE or theme being too big.  I’m sorry, we will not do anything about those problems.  Especially not being supported by IE.  If our site is too big to view on your monitor, I suggest getting a bigger monitor, and changing your resolution to at least 1280×960.

Spring 2008 Anime OP & ED Single Release Dates

April 16

  • RD Sennou Chousashitsu ED
  • S.A OP + ED

April 23

  • Da Capo II Second Season OP + ED
  • Itazurana Kiss OP
  • Junjou Romantica OP
  • Kanokon OP + ED
  • Kateikyoushi Hitman REBORN! ED7
  • Kurenai OP
  • Kyouran Kazoku Nikki OP
  • Macross Frontier OP
  • Monochrone Factor OP
  • Neo Angelique OP
  • Nijuumensou no Musume ED
  • To LoveRu OP

April 30th

  • NARUTO Shippuuden ED4

May 14th

  • Kyouran Kazoku Nikki ED
  • Shugo Chara! OP2
  • xxxHOLiC-Kei OP
  • Wa ga Ya no Oinori Sama. OP
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s OP

May 21st

  • Amatsuki OP
  • Gegege no Kitarou OP2 + ED3
  • Junjou Romantica ED

May 28th

  • Code Geass R2 OP
  • Druaga no Tou the Aegis of URUK OP + ED
  • To LoveRu ED
  • Wa ga Ya no Oinori Sama ED

*Some singles may be released a day earlier than it’s said date.  Just keep an eye out for these dates or a day before just in case.