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Random Musings: Anime Schedule

I had quite a lot of anime on my computer and I deleted some since I didn’t really watch it at all. So right now what I am currently watching is:

Series Episode Blog Status Series Blog Archive
Episode 116 Canceled Series Blog Archive
Episode 21 Blogging Series Blog Archive
Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!
Episode 4 Blogging Series Blog Archive
Code Geass
Episode 18 Blogging Series Blog Archive
Episode 3 Canceled Series Blog Archive
Pumpkin Scissors
Episode 1 Canceled Series Blog Archive
Episode 1 Canceled Series Blog Archive
Black Lagoon
Episode 1 Canceled Series Blog Archive

I don’t have any plans for blogging Maburaho, it is just something that looked interesting and decided to give it a try. Pumpkin Scissors is also something new that I’m downloading to see what it is all about. Since I am way behind on the series I don’t have any plans on blogging that either. So to sum up… Kanon, Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!, and Code Geass will be the only ones being blogged.

There are 3 anime that is currently under development and 2 of 3 looks interesting to me and I will probably watch it and blog it in the future. The 2 anime that I plan on watching/blogging is Lucky Star and Darker than BLACK. The story summary is given in the Under Development page of this blog. It is kind of a messy page unlike my other ones but bare with it.

On another note, this week’s Code Geass Episode will not be episode 18, instead it is going to be episode 17.5 I found that 8.5 and 17.5 had absolutely nothing to do with the story. It’s just Lelouch talking in the entire episode, I didn’t bother watching 8.5 so which means 17.5 isn’t going to be something I would want to watch which also means, Code Geass will not be blogged this week. However, I could be wrong about only episode 17.5 releasing this week, they could also release 17.5 and 18. So I don’t exactly know what to say. Check my Release Date Schedule if you want more info about other anime release dates. I also updated the upcoming anime releases at the bottom as you can see I have added quite a bit to the table.

News: Zero no Tsukaima 2nd Series Announced

  • Although not a lot of info has been given on this second season for ゼロの使い魔 I do hope that this season will be amazing. A lot of people have said that this series wasn’t good due to the length of it only having 13 episodes in total, but now we have a second season coming. Now thats listening to fans complaining ha ha. I personally liked the series, it was funny and it was pretty cool. But that pedophile old guy who is clearly in his thirties asking Louise who is like 13 to marry him, thats just weird. It be awesome if Louise marries me though. Well I hope you enjoy this news about ゼロの使い魔 second season.
  • Before I forget, I want to mention that a new page has been created called “Under Development” it will tell you anime that are currently under development and when they are scheduled to air in TV Japan so you won’t miss out on the anime watching!
  • Enjoy your anime!
  • Image used in Today’s News – ゼロの使い魔

New Favorite, Code Geass back on Schedule

  • Lately, I’ve been watching Code Geass. I can’t get enough of it and the story is way better than Gundam Seed. Just so you know, Gundam Seed and Code Geass is created by the same creator. I finished watching all the episodes I currently have which is up to episode 15. Although I never hated Code Geass I canceled it because I was a bit far into the anime and didn’t feel like writing up about it starting from Episode 1. I decide to start writing it starting on Episode 18.
  • Episode 18 release date: February 22, 2007

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Continue reading New Favorite, Code Geass back on Schedule

Random Musings: Code Geass

  • I just finished watching Code Geass episode 1 and I got to say that it feels too much like Gundam Seed. If you remember that Kira was just a neutral and his old childhood friend, Athrun joined the army. This is exactly what happens in Code Geass. The anime is good but just that it uses similar concept is a bit weak. Just like in Gundam Seed the city was destroyed because of terrorist stealing a poisonous gas which turns out to be a beautiful girl in a weird outfit, sort of like a straight-jacket. The anime is pretty cool though, I enjoyed Gundam Seed so I think I will enjoy this one too.
  • Code Geass scheduled for blogging: February 16, 2007
  • I also got my FTP setup again, so no more imageshack yay! 😀
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Random Musings: CLANNAD Original Soundtrack

  • I got me a CLANNAD Original Soundtrack. It is awesome, I especially love the song 「メグメル」 by riya. CLANNAD original soundtrack comes in three CDs and all of them have wonderful songs. Overall though, I love the song 「メグメル」 by riya.
  • Another thing I want to mention about CLANNAD is that there is going to be a movie coming out soon. If you didn’t know, CLANNAD is originally an eroge but now it has been adapted into a movie. Of course this means that most likely they will first only show it in theaters in Japan until the dvd comes out and upload it as a torrent. I never played the eroge but the series seems pretty interesting enough for me to go watch it.
  • Image used in Todays Random Musings – Cover of CLANNAD Original Soundtrack