Episode Summary: Training camp starts today and the girls from Machido High as decided to join in on the action as well.  Before Tama left for training camp, Tama warned her father do not touch the TV, no matter what!  The girls from Machido High arrived and Kojiro told them that they are cleaning the pool so go ahead and use the dojo however they want.  Harada insisted on helping them clean the pool.  Once they were cleaning the pool, every girl from Machido High ignores Harada because they didn’t want to clean the pool at all.

Once the pools were cleaned, the girls went in the dojo and changed into their uniforms.  They did stretches and ran a lap around the school track.  Tama’s dad decided to keep a close eye on Tama and Yuji.  From so far away, Tama can notice a precsense of someone.  She ignores it and continue running.  After the run and the very weird song Kirino told them to sing while running is over, everyone headed back into the dojo and put on their bogu.  The practice for the day is over and they went to the bath house and then ate dinner.

What’s for dinner?  Curry, everyone loves curry.  Tama asked Kojiro if there is any miso soup to go with this, everyone was very surprised because this is a very weird combination.  Before everyone goes to bed, they decided to play games and little matches.  Kirino and Yokoo decided to have a speed shinai assembly competition.  First one who assembles it and draws out the shinai wins.  Kirino wins even though she hit a snag when assembling it.  After the little competition, Saya decided to sing a song she wrote for the kendo club she calls it “Respect My Friends Forever with True Love” – too long of a title Saya.  Before she could even get a note off her guitar, one strum and all her strings break on her guitar.

Tama couldn’t fall asleep and heard Kirino’s kiai on the rooftop.  They sat down and had a little chat and went to sleep.  Training camp is over and everyone headed on home.  Kirino enters her family’s meat shop and notices all the lights are off, she opens one of the room’s door and finds her mom lying face down with her cup of tea spilled all over the table.  This episode leaves us with a cliffhanger ending with Kirino’s mom fainted.

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