Episode Summary: Kirino and Saya talks to Azuma in the hall. Azuma tells them that yesterday’s visit was just a visit and that she attended to practice is to help the club. Kirino and Saya nods as if they understood what Azuma said, after what Azuma said, she says goodbye and walk away. Before she could make it very far, Kirino asked Azuma if they should order her bogu. Azuma said don’t worry because she has her own already. Then Kirino told her to bring it next time, and Azuma said OK. Soon she realizes that Kirino and Saya didn’t understood what Azuma meant.

Kojiro is sitting in the teacher’s office playing a video game that he confiscated from one of his students. Yoshikawa comes in and saw him playing but soon dies in the game. She tells him to hand it over to her and starts to play it. Yoshikawa beats the game with ease and Kojiro does not approve of him losing to a girl and says that he doesn’t approve 3D games, only 2D games. Kirino and Saya comes to visit Kojiro to discuss which nickname would be best for Azuma. They have narrowed it down to “Satorin”, “Satsuchin” and “Satsuchan”.

Kojiro tells them both to give up on trying to get Azuma to join the club. It’s impossible due to her poor grades at school. Kirino and Saya leaves the office and starts to cry and ran off to the club or some place. The gang came to get Miya to go to the club but she has cleaning duties and told them to go ahead without her. Once they left, she started to head out to Azuma’s class, but she actually has cleaning duties and the two other girls that has the duties as well told her to clean. Miya gave them the innocent look and told them that she has something important to do. These two girls got fooled and started to do her duties as well.

To get Azuma to join the club, Miya goes to her class and starts telling her that kendo is what made her concentrate more. Azuma believes this logic of hers and decided to join. The next day at the club, Kojiro tells them that there will be a tournament next Saturday there is no time to fool around. If they win, hopefully the school will see his greatness and won’t fire Kojiro after that incident at the super market. Azuma rushes into the club and trips bending her glasses. Kojiro ask if her parents are ok with her joining the club. She told him that she discussed it with her parents and Yoshikawa help convince them as well.

Kojiro tells them that they will begin training camp at the school and everyone must be there. Tama tells her dad that she will be at training camp with the club members so he has to eat his meals without her. Tama also told her dad that the boys will also be there, she specifically said that Yuji will be there. Tama’s dad seems to be protective of her now that he knows she will be spending the night with boys from the club. Tama goes to bed but suddenly remembers something. She rides her bike down to the convenience store and bought a TV guide. Turns on the TV and program in the times to record her favorite anime. That was close, can’t miss out on anime.

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