Episode Summary: The practice matches are about to start between Muroe High and Semei High but first a little warm up… Hajime!  Meimei and Tama-chan are warm up partners, while Tama is this super Blade Braver material kendoka, Meimei is a beginner.  Tama told Meimei to hit kote just like she did, however, Meimei being the beginner makes a mistake a new kendoka would make like myself back in the days… Hitting the arm where it’s not protected by the gloves.  Even Tama the ultimate kendoka cannot withstand the pain caused by Meimei.

Azuma was dragged into the kendo club and put on the bogu and was made to practice and warm up with the rest of them.  Azuma asks Kirino why she is even doing this since she isn’t even in the club.  Kirino gives the most straight up answer ever “We are short one person in the club.”  Azuma, of course have no choice but to participate.  Back to Meimei and Tama…  Meimei ask Tama if she could just keep hitting her because she wants to keep seeing her attacks.  Meimei seems to get a joy out of Tama hitting her, some weird fetish prehaps?

Seeing this by the other members of Seimei High, everyone wanted a piece of Tama’s hits.  They also seem to get a joy out of getting hit, strange school indeed.  Azuma saw how skillful Tama really is, she gets all pumped up and starts to swing her shinai then soon wonders why she is getting all worked up about it when she should be studying.  Everyone wanted to see Azuma and Tama face each other since they are the most strongest out of the bunch.  Azuma loses to Tama but enjoyed every bit of the bout, this was part of Kirino’s plan to get her into the club.  Smooth, very smooth Kirino.

Now that warm ups are done, it is time for the actual practice match. Which order are these girls gonna be?  Tama was made Taisho (captain – Last person to go and is usually the strongest) and Azuma is Senbo, Miya is Jiho, Saya is Jyungen, and Kirino is Fukusho.  Now that the order are set, lets start the match!

Muroe High wins the practice matches and then it was the sensei’s turn to face each other.   Kojiro fell back being pushed so hard by Hayashi sensei.  Dan started to say that Kojiro is weak, but Kojiro told him to shut up and there is no way he could win against a 7th Dan.  The practice match day is over, Seimei High lost and everyone headed on home.