Episode Summary: The day of the practice match is coming with Seimei high. Azuma is changing her shoes and her friend says goodbye to her. Kirino and Saya manages to hear them talking and found out who Azuma really is. They drag Azuma to the kendo club but before they could get to the club, Kojiro told them that she won’t join the club. However, Kirino still drags Azuma to the kendo club and hope that if she gets into it again she would consider joining.

At the kendo club, they changed Azuma into kendogi and bogu. Kirino said if she wants to leave, she has to defeat her and Saya. Azuma gets serious and accepts the challenge. Yuji enters the club and thought it was a spar between Kirino and Saya, but he sees Kirino sitting against the wall looking dazed. Yuji witnessed Azuma doing a hikimen and was amazed. Both Kirino and Saya is defeated by Azuma and gets to leave, however, Yuji wishes to have a spar with Azuma.

Everyone loved how good Azuma is but Kojiro told them that her grades are so bad that she can’t join the club. If she was to join the club, they are afraid her grades will be even lower. Azuma is what we call a scatterbrain. While she was walking home, it starts to rain and she reaches for an umbrella from her bag. Is it really an umbrella I wonder, no, she brought a cane instead.

Practice match against Seimei starts today, Azuma was found standing outside the dojo and was dragged inside my Kojiro. Although she is just visiting, Kirino and Saya made her wear bogu again and this time she even has her own name cloth. Everyone is ready for the practice match but first a little warmup… Hajime!