Episode Summary: Still can’t figure out the name of the strong girl, Kirino manages to remember it but disrupted the class, forcing the teacher to throw chalk directly into her mouth. Knowing Kirino, something this small such as choking on chalk made her forget the name instantly. It’s raining, and every kendoka knows that when it rains, the armors will get mold (I’m a kendoka myself and I didn’t know that and found that disgusting). Tama-chan practices her swings while the others battle the mold in the change room. Tama-chan remembers her past, walking in the rain with her mother when she was little. Daydreaming while swinging her shinai, she almost hit Kojiro.

Still trying to remember the name of the girl, Kirino text messages her friend to find out the name of the girl. After practicing, the rain stops and this makes Tama-chan remember her past again. Her past of walking with her mother after the rain had stopped, she swings her umbrella like a shinai then holds her mom’s hand and walked down the street. I wonder what happened to Tama’s mom…

The message arrives and the girl’s name is revealed, Azuma. In search for Azuma, Kirino and Saya goes to her classroom. However, she is no where to be found in her classroom. Her classmate tells them that she usually spends her time in the library. Kirino and Saya surprisingly doesn’t know where their school library is and Saya is trying to become a writer is even more shocking. Azuma is studying in the library and when Tama is sitting down to read her anime book, Azuma leaves. Kirino and Saya arrives and started talking very very loudly.

Another episode failed of trying to get Azuma joining the kendo club. Better luck next time girls, ganbatte!