Episode Summary: During Tamaki’s last day at her job, a girl came to the store. She left without buying anything but before leaving, she told Tamaki that she cannot find her weakness. She then throws a keychain back at Tamaki and told her that she came here to see Miyako-chan (Miyazaki).

Toraji is staying at his parents’ for the day and was asked to work at their convenience store while he stays there. While working, he overheard a customer arguing with his mom about why they don’t have any banana milk anymore. Toraji started to remember when he first worked a convenience store. His co-worker told him that the store was robbed before. Toraji told him not to worry since he studies kendo so his co-worker told him to bring his shinai to work next time. He brings the shinai and his co-worker told him to put it away because a customer is coming, unfortunately this customer is a robber. The shinai is sitting right behind Toraji but they both were too scared to even move except giving the money away. After his little memory of the past, he realized that he always run away or give up and says he must face reality.

Back at Tamaki’s store, Tamaki tells Miyazaki about the little girl that came by asking for her. Miyazaki was angry about Reimi always bugging her back in middle school, and now she still wants to annoy her even in high school. Tamaki receives her paycheck since it’s her last day at that store. While walking back home, Miyazaki ask Tamaki why she wanted money. Tamaki tells her because she wanted an anime dvd box that came out recently. Miyazaki was shocked that Tamaki would be still watching anime. Soon after Miyazaki realized that it was Dan-kun’s birthday today and rushes ahead. Tamaki then realized that it was her dad’s birthday today as well. She then went and bought her dad a gift and didn’t have enough money after to buy the anime dvd box she wanted.

The next day, it was the day of the kendo tournament. Every arrived except for Miyazaki and Dan. Apparently, Dan got lost and Miyazaki is looking for him. The club went ahead and changed into their dogi and bogu. Tamaki’s first opponent was a really tall guy, people watching their match was stunned by the speed of Tamaki and getting a point already. During lunch, Kirino went to talk with her old friends from middle school. Her friends thought that a person named Asuma would be in their club but Kirino confirmed that there is no one by that name in the club. Supposedly Asuma was really strong at kendo back in middle school but hearing that she isn’t in the kendo club they thought she doesn’t play kendo anymore.

After the tournament, they went back to the club and Toraji is still wondering where they will find a fifth girl. Kirino told him that she already know who a candidate should be. Toraji ask Kirino who is she, knowing Kirino she forgot her name already.