OP Sequence:

OP: 「スピラーレ」 (Spirale) by 牧野由依 (Makino Yui)

Episode Summary: Spring is coming! Akari, Aika and Alice are having a group practice with their gondola. Alice’s voice seems to improve when she yells out “Gondola passing by!” She is the Neo-Alice! The time is after the carnival and everyone is tired. Aika started to yawn and everyone yawned causing a chain reaction of yawning, even Aria sanchou yawned. They decided to stop by at the coffee shop coming up to get some coffee. Alice notices Al there with Akatsuki. They greeted them and notice that Akatsuki and Al are having a “study group” for a test Akatsuki is having for a promotion to become a full fledge Salamander. Aika knew it wasn’t a study group and asked him why doesn’t he just say that Al is tutoring him.

Back at Aria Company, they received a delivery from Woody. It was from one of their customer during the winter, they received cherry jam and cherry tea. Alicia decided to invite everyone for tea and Akari agrees, so does Aria sanchou. Alicia and Akari went out to buy some stuff for the tea party while Aria sanchou stayed home fishing for crabs. Aria manages to catch one but it landed on his belly and it pinched him. Everyone has arrived to the place and ready to have some tea, but first, Akira told them to watch their hands and mouth because managing one’s health is an important duty for a prima.

Aika asked what were the customer that gave them the jam and tea like. Akari and Alicia said it was a close mother and child. Akari then told the story of how, Alicia used her amazing gondola skills to make one single snowflake land directly on the customer’s hand as a gift from Neo-Venezia. After hearing this, Aika remembered something cool that Akira did as well. Akira had this annoying customer who keeps jumping and dancing on the gondola, if it wasn’t for Akira balancing the gondola they would have drown by now. The customer trips and is about to fall, then Akira jumps into action balancing the gondola and pulling the customer to safety. Alice then remembers a story of Athena. The child of the customer they were taking was crying and wanted ice cream and to calm him down, Athena made these stupid faces but it was cool. Athena was coming upstairs and heard Alice talking about her and asked what they were saying. Alice said that they were talking about her clumsiness.

Athena asked which clumsiness they were talking about? Was it the time she put mayonnaise on pudding or the time she bumped into the glass door of the shower. Alice told her that neither, they were actually talking about how amazing the Three Great Water Fairies are. Alicia told them that they still have a long way to go but herself, Akira and Athena have a long way to go themselves as well.

ED Sequence:

ED: 「金の波 千の波」 (Kin no Nami Sen no Nami) by 新居昭乃 (Arai Akino)