Airantou Review

OP Sequence:

OP: 「Days」 by 堀江由衣 (Horie Yui)
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Episode Summary:
Ikuto and Suzu finally got the key to see the Sea Dragon God for its blessing after fighting with all the leaders of the island. Ayane manages to sneak in with Ikuto but went way ahead and met with the Sea Dragon. She accidentally pulls the Sea Dragon’s whiskers off and it became angry. Ayane started to run for the exit and told Ikuto and Suzu to quickly follow her out. With the entrance blocked, Ikuto cannot go back in to get the blessing for the Sea Dragon.

Even without the blessing, Ikuto is still determined to try and go out of Airantou to see his sister, Misaki. When Ikuto went off into the sea, Suzu asked Sashimi to take her to Ikuto. Suzu told Ikuto that she doesn’t want him to leave this island and don’t want to to part with him. The storm and whirlpool didn’t make this too easy, Ikuto’s boat got sucked into the whirlpool and thats the last we heard of him for now.

Suzu asked Sashimi to take her to the Sea Dragon God to ask for his blessing, the rest of the gang tagged along and brought the broken whisker that Ayane tugged on. Ayane reattached it and the Sea Dragon God became happy again and blessed Ikuto. Ikuto manages to stay alive after that ordeal and manages to meet Misaki. She was on a boat with at least ten muscular guys rowing the boat. She started to talk non stop about her Airantou which is filled with only guys. Misaki asked Ikuto to come with her but Ikuto refused because he has his own Airantou to go back to.

Ikuto rowed a rubber boat back to Airantou and was washed onto the shore. After that, the second round of Snatch the Grandson-in-law tournament has begun.

I loved this series, really funny. The girl characters are just amazingly well designed and they’re so funny in the anime. There is some part I hated about this anime is that whenever ‘absolutely impossible’ is mentioned, Ikuto goes into a mode where he keeps on trying and trying in every single episode, gets a bit tiring watching that. But I do like every single character, except grandma, I’m not too crazy about her. The voice for Ayane was a bit weird, I liked the way she did it for Chika in Ichigo Mashimaro but when she played Ayane it sounded a bit weird. Machi was just weird all together but I think I like her the best.

The story for the anime is rather interesting and seems original in some ways. There are quite a bit of anime where six or more girls like one guy but never an anime where an island is filled with just girls. Imagine living on an island like that, how crazy would that be? Vice versa if you’re a girl reading this. Visuals for this anime isn’t too spectacular but its decent and doesn’t burn my eyes when I watch it so its good. Even though the visuals aren’t that great, the character designs are great. I’m hoping for a second season of this definitely. Maybe a Misaki version of Airantou? But I don’t think I would wanna see a bunch of bishounen running around on an island chasing after Misaki.

ED Sequence:

ED: 「恋する天気図」 (Koisuru Tenkizu)by 堀江由衣 (Horie Yui)

Visuals: Nothing too great. No glows on their skin like in Haruhi Suzumiya or Kanon. Nothing like that but it is still very nicely drawn, and the character designs are beautiful.

Story: A boy who runs off because his Dad thought he is worthless and ends up on an island filled with girls? What a story, I wish I was on that island!

Music: The BGM is decent. The OP not a big fan of nor is the first ED. When it was the second ED, man I loved it. I don’t listen too Horie Yui’s songs much but the second ED was really nice.

Overall: 4/5 for its awesome story and the comedy put into the whole series. Very nice characters and the development of them is really nice, easy to know each of them without having to look up wikipedia for bio. Everything is nice except the ending, the ending could of been better but maybe this will open up another season for Airantou, just maybe…

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  1. It’s all about Shinobu man, get with the times. I also forgot to mention that Misaki’s voice does not suit her are all, I bet they just picked a random girl on the street and say “Here! read these lines, we are on a deadline”

  2. I’ve seen a few episodes of this and its quite funny, even though it uses a reoccurring theme of a guy being surrounded by girls this time they are on an island and each female char has a moe trait that stands out so much lol.

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