5.2 – Simple And Clean


I know we just got to 5.1 but due to some reason, I got fed up with the Roundabout theme.  I guess I just don’t like the look that much.  I do like the Water 1.1 which we have been with ever since this blog has started and gone through heavy modifications by me.  Plus I really like what I can do in this theme more than Roundabout.  Roundabout had some cool stuff here and there but it was kind of hard to read I find.  Therefore, we have reverted back to Water 1.1 modded by Aria.


As you have noticed our header has been changed for this update.   I used Wagaya Oinari-sama’s Kuu Tenko who is a fox spectre in the anime but can take up human form.  The grey really goes with the white background so my font color was chosen to be grey.  After I typed it out I found out that it was really blank, then it hit me that I have some vector brushes.  I was never good at vector brushes like most people so this was my first attempt.  I think it turned out rather nice.

Drop Down Menu

Ever since we have been on Roundabout we didn’t have the ability to use the drop down menu.  Everything was on the sidebar and eventually stretched the site so much that it was a pain.  That’s why I personally like this theme better.  We updated every page, created new pages and etc.  We also created a new drop down menu to replace the Dropped Series menu.  If you still can’t spot out what it got replaced by I’ll tell you.  It has been replaced by the drop down menu “Figures“.  In the past I have attempted to do something with figures but didn’t really have the camera and figures for it.  Now that I work and have the money to purchase new figures, I can finally keep up and show you guys the newest ones.

Please tell me what you think about the new figure drop down menu and it’s pages.  Check Changelog to see what has been added/updated/removed from this update.  Enjoy your stay.